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Are you a farmer or avid gardener who aspires to share your expertise and knowledge with our youth? Do you have a unique skill or practice an old or obscure culture that could captivate the minds of children, young students, or even adults yearning to learn? AYERSfoundation is always looking to add members to its team of experts and professionals in a partnership for the “Greater Good”.

Operating on the basis that knowledge is all-powerful, putting it into practice and realizing firsthand the gratification of “doing” helps to close the loop in the learning process. We work with area schools and educational centers providing students and adults opportunities for hands-on learning, venues that compliment theory and the rigors of academia with tangible and physically rewarding experiences.

Developing and implementing programs that underscore the origin of food, help people reconnect with the natural world, and enable personal discovery is our overarching goal. If you can envisage a partnership that is magnanimous in nature and practical in purpose, we’d appreciate hearing from you. Together, we can build better communities!

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